CDs and box cropped

Clarke Moore (Brian Wendt) -            
A distinguished middle-age gentleman and patriarch
Irene Moore (Carla Thew) -              
Clarke's wife
Clementine Moore (Grayson Thew) -    Irene's college-age daughter
Ophelia Merryweather (Pamela Wallace) -                     
Irene's mother
Clarissa Merryweather (Sarah Thomas) -                     
Irene's sister
Harriet Butler (Jeanie Olah) -                      
Clarke's personal assistant
Althea Rufe (Stephanie Walsh) -                       
Ophelia's private duty nurse
Rose Marie Travers (David Fox) -                  
Longtime mountain resident and off-season caretaker of the lodge
Elsie Trump (Alexandra Racines) -                          
Clarke and Irene's cook
Robert Lawrence (Dan Ferry) -  
Their newly hired butler
The Stranger (Hildegard Staupf) -            
Their unexpected guest